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ADD on Sauna / robe slippers for $10
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Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes $50 / 55 minutes $85 / 80 minutes $110 

Therapeutic massage is the best way to treat the effects of stress and relieve the pressures of the day. You are asked to remove clothing and jewelry and put on a robe and slippers to the treatment area. The therapist will discuss your concerns with  you. You will lay under a sheet and blanket on a warm table. Creams and lotions will be applied to target areas using conservative draping. 

Therapeutic Massage Series

***Purchase a series of 5 or more massages and receive 10% off!

 Couples Massage - 55 minutes $170

A full body massage performed side by side in the same room.

 Aromatherapy Massage - add $10

Enhance your massage with Essential Oils, to help relax and detoxify.

Raindrop Therapy

55 minutes $100

Healing essential oils are gently massaged into your back before a moist hot compress is applied, to penetrate deeply into the tissues. This balances your energies, relieves pain, enhances the immune system, melts away stress, and leaves you relaxed. .

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage - 30 minutes $40

A deeply relaxing massage of the face, scalp, and neck to relieve stress and sinus pressure.

Aromatherapy Foot Massage 

A relaxing exfoliation and massage for tired, aching feet and lower leg.

Pregnancy Massage - 55 minutes $85

A therapeutic massage for pregnancy in the second and third trimesters to soothe, comfort and  ease back ache and swelling.

Chair Massage - 15 minutes $20

For the back, neck and shoulders to relieve stress and tension.